Ricardo Garcia – Martha Rodriguez – Carlos Zerpabzueta (Dec 3, 2016 – Jan 2, 2017)

Converging Divergences

Ricardo Garcia

Carlos Garcia

Ricardo Garcia

Born in Havana, Cuba in 1961. That same year Garcia family emigrated to Venezuela where he grew up and started his studies. His passion for art lead him to study at the Hans Newman Institute of Design in Caracas under the tutelage of several of the greatest visual artists in the country. Under their guidance, Garcia strengthened his artistic passion, finally graduating in the year 1985.

At the beginning of the 1990s in Venezuela, Garcia participated as a guest at groups of Emerging Artists, at the Fundarte National Salon in Caracas, Caracas Contemporary Art Museum, Bass Gallery in Caracas; he participated in the national contest of plastic artists in the Arturo Michelena Hall in the city of Valencia, where he obtained various awards, including the Armando Reverón Award.

Garcia was invited to participate in “Aufsteigende Kunst, Emerging Art ” in Frankfurt, Germany.

At the end of the 1990s, he traveled to the United States as a guest artist at various group exhibitions.

At the beginning of the year 2000 Garcia emigrated to the United States, where he discovered new expression techniques and participated in collective and art fairs in the state of Texas.

Currently he continues to discover new techniques to express his artistic views and participating in exhibitions and collective art.

About Garcia’s work 

From the “TABOLA” or board he applies “REVOCO”  or stucco (plaster, zinc white, egg white) to create a smooth work surface, as did the Masters in the Renaissance. He mixes different materials and techniques so that finally between the academic and sublimity, and violence and irreverence emerges full harmony.

Carlos Zerpabzueta

Carlos Zerpabzueta

Carlos Zerpabzueta originally studied architecture and uses that to his advantage in his artwork by purposefully containing his work within structures that he titles “Hyper-image Boxes.” These “Boxes” or “monitors” are intended to recall computer screens in that they are able to provide us with a plethora of information at a rapid pace. The eye is stimulated and immersed in multi-layered, hand-painted and printed acrylic that has been carefully placed throughout each work, generating a seemingly infinite perceptual and optical relationship between space and form.

Living and working in the cities of Caracas, Venezuela and Madrid, Spain, Carlos Zerpabzueta has drawn inspiration from both continents. He has exhibited his work in group and solo exhibitions all over the world and has been selected to participate in several Art Fairs in Europe and South America. In 2010 he was pre-selected for the Guggenheim Foundation’s Artistic Creation Scholarship in New York City and also pre-selected to participate in the program “About Change” organized by the World Bank, Washington, D.C. to promote emerging artists in both Latin America and the Caribbean. In 2011 to 2012, Zerpabzueta participated in the group exhibition Collectiva 2011 at Graphic Art in Caracas, Venezuela, alongside artists Carlos Cruz-Diez, Jesus Soto, Rafael Barrios, and Enrique Sarda. (Source)

Martha Rodriguez


Martha Rodriguez

French of Venezuelan origin, born in Caracas (1956)

A graduate of the Neumann Institute of Design in Venezuela, she moved to Paris and continued her studies at the ESAG Penninghen Institute and later in the “École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Decoratifs”

Between 1984 and 2002 she created the “GRAFISTA STUDIO” workshop for graphic, typographic and three-dimensional creation; Many of these projects were carried out, among them the logo of the Ville de la Rochelle and its institutional-urban image.

Between 1990 and 2016 participated in one hundred national and international collective exhibitions and 17 individual exhibitions in the areas of engraved painting and drawings.

Awarded the International Sculpture Prize awarded by the University of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, 2011

Nominated for the prize of the public space Victor Vasarely, 2013, Aix-en-Provence.

Collaborates in projects of architecture linked to interior and exterior spaces.

She lives and works in the National Foundation of Graphic and Plastic Arts FNAGP, in Nogent sur Marne, France.

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