Inspire 2016 (Feb. 6, 2016 – Feb. 26, 2016)

(East Gallery) The Coral Springs Museum of Art is proud to present the 2nd annual juried exhibition Inspire 2016.

Artists were invited to submit pieces brought about by personal inspiration for an exhibition that demonstrates individuality and creativity. Over 80 pieces by local and regional artists were selected for Inspire 2016 and will be on display from February 6-26, 2016.  Thank you judges, Maria Napoles and Byron Swart.

Jane Collin, Sage

Best in Show   Jane Collins

Jasna Tomasevic, Danzing Devil of Yare

2nd Place     Jasna Tomasevic
“Danzing Devil of Yare”

Renee Falsetto, The Swim

3rd Place    Renee Falsetto
“The Swim”

Susan Hanssen, Out of the Everywhere Into the Here

Honorable Mention     Susan Hanssen
“Out of the Everywhere into the Here”

Daniel Garcia, Reflectionin
Honorable Mention     Daniel Garcia

Diane Lublinski, Hear My Voice
Honorable Mention     Diane Lublinski
“Hear My Voice”

Buu Truon, Incoming Winds
Honorable Mention     Buu Truong
“Incoming Winds”

Thank you participating artists:

Elaine Abbe  Nino Aliguori  Gisela Bender   Mario Cabrera
Charles Caplan Unal   Rosemary Celenski   Candy Childrey
Susan Clifton   Jane Collin   Sara Conca   Jeri Cross
Dennis A. Dezmain   Rene’e Falsetto   Daniel Garcia   Gerald S. Goldberg
Michael Gregg   Susan Hanssen   E. Addison Hart   Loretta Herman
Sandy Hill   Marilyn Johansen   Cliff Klein    Jessica Laube
Diane Lublinski   Shahrnaz Monfared   Angelica Maria Montoya
Rolande Moorhead   Wendy Nicholas   Steve Nunez
Erin Parish   Isabel Perez   Carlos Printe Gonzalez
Elizabeth Reed   Margaret Robertson   Karen Esbin Robins
Anabel Rub Peicher   Debbie L. Rubin   Tammy Seymour
Bonnie Shapiro   Diane Simpson   Simone Spade   Larry Stanfield
James Swarthout   Jasna Tomasevic   Amauri Torezan   Buu Truong
Robyn Vegas   Grace Versaci   Jen Walls    Maureen Zannini

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